Dr. Powitzky continues his research on voice issues with two recently, published papers on operatic training and singing.

Dr. Eric Powitzky has authored and co-authored many papers that address voice issues. In his most recent papers, Dr. Powitzky and co-authors studied the effects of operatic singing on the voice.

One study, “Vocal Assessment Before, After, and the Day After Opera Performance,” followed 10 classically trained opera singers and assessed the parts that create the voice. Dr. Powitzky and his co-authors study concluded that vocal performance can be measured by complex parts, which create voice, in addition to vocal rest positively impacting recovery.

The second study, “Effects of Bel Canto Training on Acoustic and Aerodynamic Chacteristics of the Signing Voice,” followed 37 college students during two years of operatic training. The study found the mechanics that create voice improve with Bel Canto training.

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