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Center for ENT
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by Y. on Center for ENT
Thank you Dr. Moses

I am so glad that Dr. Ron Moses took care of my chronic sinus infection with a surgery in April and treated my after surgery nasal drainage problem. He is a caring, assuring, courteous, competent, very thorough and very pleasant.

With this note I like to thank Dr Moses for being an exemplary ENT doctor.

by T.C. on Center for ENT
More than I could have expected

It is no secret health care workers are terrible patients. As a nurse getting my tonsils out when I was 29 years old I was determined to prove this wrong. I failed miserably. But Dr. Marcum and Nurse Audrey could not have made the experience any better. I don't think I would have been able to be as patient with myself as they were. The whole time they both just quietly listened to all my questions and (rather irrational) fears, answered my questions, and assured me I wasn't crazy.

From a customer service point of view, I never waited more than 5 min when I arrived for my appointments, was usually seen immediately, and never felt rushed. I had their undivided attention to ask whatever I wanted.

I had less exposure to St.Lukes than to other facilities in the medical center, so I was also worried about having surgery in an unfamiliar hospital. Their staff was wonderful! They gave me a special gown that blew warm air through it (bair hugger) so I wouldn't be cold before I went into the OR, the anesthesiologist could tell right away I was scared to death and gave me a sedative to relax me, Dr.Marcum greeted me and assured me things would be fine, when I woke up my PACU nurse was standing in front of me with pain meds asking for me to hold up my fingers to tell her how much pain I was in. She never left my side until I was comfortable and went to get my family. As an RN I was impressed as to how my needs clinically, emotionally, and comfortably were cared for.

Audrey called to check on me at home often. And I called more than I should have crying when I was hurting. She would calmly tell me to take my medicine, eat an ice pop, and this was part of the process.

I quite smoking before my surgery because I didn't want to be the nurse who aspirated on her own blood after lying to her doctor. That probably didn't help my nerves since i was allergic to the patch. But I still bled bad and had to come in for extra procedures. Audrey held my hand and Dr.Marcum was so sweet making sure I was numb each time. They would give me ice packs and let me relax in the chair until I was ready to get up. The best part... two years later, I still never started smoking again!

I was a really needy patient because I had to recover at home by myself. I'm not saying you should be like I was. But I would never let a family member go to anyone else!

by A.K. on Center for ENT
Dr. Hung and Staff

Dr. Hung is very thorough. I was extremely nervous because of throat issues that I have had for a while. He was very courteous and made me feel at ease. He explained everything and listened to my concerns. The administrative and medical assistants were also very friendly. As a patient paying by cash without insurance, I feel that they were very reasonable with their prices. I was not pushed for any unnecessary treatment. I would recommend Dr. Hung and everyone that worked with me today.

by G.H. on Center for ENT
Dr. Richard Hung = Exceptional!

For months I've been having nosebleeds. I had been an ongoing issue and I had seen multiple doctors to resolve the issue. Then I went to see Dr. Hung at the Center for ENT. He was able to find the issue in a matter of minutes, and then conduct the medical procedure (including endoscopy and cauterization) to resolve it. The entire appointment took less than 20 minutes, but what stood out more to me was this man's compassion and human kindness. This has been a high point of anxiety for me and he made sure I stayed calm. Not only did he take care of my issue, but now I definitely know I have a expert in the field I can count on, and that expert is Dr. Hung.

by L. S. on Center for ENT
Best Doc - best front desk personnel

Dr. Ron Moses is the most attentive, helpful, friendly and dedicated doc I've ever been to. I have been suffering with severe, chronic sinus problems for years, and it is so comforting to feel that I have such a caring advocate on my side. Also, I am always impressed by the friendly, cheery and efficient front desk personnel who make visiting the office a pleasure.

by D.A. on Center for ENT
Ana - Billing

I had an issue with my payment online that impacted my personal account. She went through planes, trains and automobiles to make sure I was taken care of and my account was in good order.

I greatly appreciate her assistance and couldn't have done it without her or her wonderful attitude!!!!!

by J.H. on Center for ENT
All treatment very well down

My entry into The Center of ENT resulted from my wife's treatment and surgery by Dr. Hung, and her determination that I needed hearing aids. She made an appointment for me. I surrendered and I was impressed with the quality of those who worked in that area. After the treatment ended, Dr. Hung really impressed me, because after review he said that hearing aids would not help me. That said, the time came when I surprised both doctor and wife be saying that I was ready for hearing aids. I was fortunate enough for Gemma to be the person who started and continued with my care and treatment. She is and still remains my first choice. She is not only kind, she is wonderful in performing her duties. I was also fortunate to have Dr. Hung treat me for all problems that called for his expertise. He is fortunate to have a staff that is friendly and helpful. Every one who participates in my treatment, be it covering calling me to the treatment room to the conclusion that sends me on my way, are well trained for their duties, always friendly, and never fail to have a smile. I am tempted to get an appointment just so I can see them and talk with them. Finally, I am confident that all of the qualities of all involved come from Dr, Hung, in whole or in part. He never misses that which needs treatment. My latest provision to be exposed to his skill was surgical treatment correcting problems with my nose that had been broken in the 7th grade. I had never old anyone of the problem and had never had a doctor that found it until Dr. Hung. He is rarely a doctor who cares and who takes cares with his patients. Since Dr. Hung has been my only physician at The Center for ENT, I cannot speak for them all. However, if it became necessary to use any of the other physicians I would do so in a "New York minute". Those who need their help should not hesitate to do so.

by M.K. on Center for ENT
2nd Visit

Dr. Hung was extremely caring and cared to explain everything in detail to my satisfaction.

Some front desk staff behaved with level of smugness, though. Important is the healthcare professional - Dr. Hung - was very nice. I wish other physicians were like him

by S.L. on Center for ENT
Dr. Richard Hung

I have chronic issues every spring, where I end up with a cough that doesn't stop. I was referred to Dr. Hung by another physician. I am very pleased with the care I have received by Dr. Hung and his staff. He doesn't just write an RX for me - he takes time with me to diagnose what is really going on. I highly recommend Dr. Hung.

by W.G. on Center for ENT
Balloon Sinuplasty Success

This story is about one of the best medical procedures available to folks who suffer from chronic sinus issues. That was me until a few weeks ago. For years, dating back to the days of Dr. Dolph, I have battled sinus problems, primarily nasal congestion and post nasal drainage. All the antibiotics and steroids in the world, and I’ve had my share, never completely cured my sinus problems.

The following are some excerpts from Wikipedia that explain the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure that I recently underwent. Balloon Sinuplasty is a procedure used by ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist to open sinus passages to relieve sinus pain and pressure and to allow your sinuses to drain more freely. This procedure may be performed in a hospital, an outpatient clinic or in the physician’s office. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2005.

This balloon technique is not a surgery in the true sense; it is an alternative to more invasive procedure that involves the removal of bone and tissue with metal instruments. There is much less risk, especially with bleeding, and fewer complications with balloon procedure.

The physician inserts a guide catheter through the nostril near the sinus opening. A flexible guide wire is then introduced into the targeted sinus. Most guide wires have a light on the tip which produces light seen through the skin to help the physician with correct placement of the guide wire. My doctor’s office was equipped with a TV type monitor that enabled him to precisely maneuver the lighted guide wire.

Once access to a blocked sinus is confirmed, a balloon catheter is advanced over the guide wire and positioned in the clocked sinus opening for inflation. The balloon is inflated with the goal of dilating the sinus opening, widening the walls of the sinus passageway and restoring normal drainage and breathing. Once the balloon is deflated, it is removed leaving the bone surrounding the sinus permanently remodeled. No bone or tissue is removed. The last step in the procedure is to rinse with a saline solution to completely clear the sinus of blockage.

My two-hour procedure was performed in the doctor’s office at the Center for ENT in HTown. It involved six separate sinus dilations and was virtually pain free with a minimal amount of bleeding. The most discomfort was a stuffy noise from some internal swelling and a small amount of packing placed in each nostril. I was breathing freely following my post-op visit one week after dilation. My only sinus treatment now is a saline rinse 3 times each day.

I highly recommend the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure if you are a chronic sinus sufferer.

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