Common Voice Problems

Problems with your voice can sometimes become stubbornly prolonged and not respond to treatment.Your primary care physician, a consultant, or an Ear, nose, and throat physician (Otolaryngologist) may refer you to The Center for ENT for a special evaluation of your voice.

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In order to evaluate the voice completely special training is required to visualize and make sense of the vibrating vocal folds during speaking. Evaluation of the voice may include laryngoscopy (visualizing the voice with a special scope and camera), video stroboscopy (slow motion video), acoustic measurement of the voice, and aerodynamic measurement of the voice.

We specialize in evaluating and treating voice problems of all types. We are particularly well suited to evaluate and treat voice problems in those using their voice professionally. We pride ourselves on educating our patients as well. We work closely with speech pathology, singing voice therapists, and voice teachers to coordinate your care.